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Rain Bird Impact Sprinklers

Rain Bird Impact Sprinkler 30H / 30WH

3/4" (19 mm) Full Circle, Brass Impact Sprinkler

Designed for general field use on hand lines, solid set, permanent set, or mechanically moved systems. May be used with plastic non-clog vanes for better range and wind resistance.


-3/4" (19mm) male NPT brass inlet bearing
-Full circle operation
-Dual nozzle port for in-close and distance irrigation
-Heavy duty brass construction
-Stainless steel springs and fulcrum pin
-Brass bearing sleeve
-Back by five-year Customer Satisfaction Policy
-For use with Rain Bird SBN-3 Straight Bore Nozzle or SBN-3-V Straight Bore Nozzle with Vane; -------Spreader nozzle port uses Rain Bird LAN-1-7, LAN-1-20, or brass plug; all nozzles sold separately
-H Model ships without nozzle and without spreader nozzle, WH Model ships without nozzle with
spreader nozzle plugged


-Bearing: 3/4" Male NPT, Brass
-Trajectory Angle: 27 degrees
-Operating Range: 25-80 psi (1.7-5.5 bar)
-Flow Rate: 2.9-13.1 gpm (0.51-1.47 m3/h)
-Radius: 40-56 ft. (12.2-17.2 m)
-Nozzle Port: 1/4" Female NPT
-Spreader Nozzle Port: 1/8" Female NPT

Rain Bird Impact Sprinkler 70CH / 70CHM

1" (25 mm) Full Circle, Brass Impact Sprinkler

The 70CH is designed for general field use and for use on mechanically moved systems, especially center pivot machines. Primarily uses on Field Crops, Row Crops, Vegetables, Nurseries, Permanent Systems, Solid Systems, Portable Systems and Wheel Lines.


-70CH 1" Female NPT Bearing
-70CHM has 1” Male bearing Integral Straightening Vanes
-Full circle operation
-Stainless steel springs and fulcrum pin
-Chemically resistant washers
-Dual nozzle ports
-Back by five-year Customer Satisfaction Policy
-Integral straightening vanes increase distance of throw
-For use with Rain Bird SBN-4 Straight Bore Nozzle; Spreader nozzle port uses Rain Bird LAN-1-20
and SPB-1 bushing, or brass plug; all nozzles sold separately


-Bearing: 1" Female NPT, Brass (70CH)
-Bearing: 1" Male NPT, Brass (70CHM)
-Trajectory Angle: 21 degrees
-Operating Range: 40-80 psi (2.8-5.5 bar)
-Flow Rate: 8.8-45.8 gpm (2.0-10.4 m3/h)
-Radius: 57-82 ft. (17.39-25.01 meters)
-Nozzle Port: 3/8” Female NPT
-Spreader Nozzle Port: 3/8" Female NPT (Requires Spreader Bushing to accept LAN-20 Nozzles)

Nelson Sprinklers

The Rotator family of sprinklers is redefining how we think of irrigation

From the micro-sprinkler (R5) to the field-unit (R33) - this unique drive outshines the standard mechanisms out there. This field-proven technology provides better uniformity - is easy to repair and clean - while having a longer wear life.

Uniformity is key to a successful irrigation system

With Nelson Products farm irrigation sprinklers from our Auburn supply store, you can achieve optimal overlap patterns, giving you high uniformity in your nursery and greenhouse crops. Do more with less with Nelson.

Nelson Impact offers a number of exclusive features and advantages which give better performance

The sturdy drive arm accompanied by the large impact surface allows for a consistent drive mechanism. The stainless steel arm and spring pin withstand even dirty water conditions, while its heavy-duty bearing contributes to a long life. Impacts are available with Nelson's famous FCN® Flow Control Nozzle to equalize flow rate under fluctuating pressure.