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Drip Irrigation

Rivulis Hydro PC / PCND Tubing

Hydro PC is a drip line made with flow-regulating cylindrical drippers which allow growers to irrigate crops in a wide range of field conditions. Whether you’re irrigating on a slope or as far as the eye can see, count on Hydro PC to deliver.

The Hydro PC drippers have sensitive floating diaphragms that regulate and maintain a constant flow rate at variable inlet pressures. Because Hydro PC has a large cross-sectional labyrinth and a self-cleaning mechanism, it’s highly resistant to clogging. And with two outlets per dripper, Hydro PC will continue to deliver the right amount of water, throughout the entire field.

The Hydro PC is constructed with premium resins resistant to UV degradation and damage caused by commonly used chemicals and fertilizers.

Our industry leading irrigation products help growers better manage resources, grow more consistent crops, and increase yields.

Toro Aqua-Traxx Drip Tape

The premium choice for drip irrigation, Aqua-Traxx with the PBX Advantage offers a Proportionally Balanced Cross-Section (PBX) design that optimizes flow path turbulence to effectively manage water flow, deliver uniform distribution, and reduce clogging.

Available in 15 mil, 8 mil, and 6 mil this drip tape is ideal for row crops or raised beds. Its seamless construction reduces leakage at fittings. The turbulent flow path and slit outlets allow for consistent flow rates.


• Superb watering efficiency and uniformity
• Incredible durability and plugging resistance
• Ideal for above ground, mulched or buried applications
• Use with 5/8″ tape fittings


Warranty: 6 months
Pressure Range: 4-12 PSI
Filtration Requirements: Minimum 155 mesh recommended
Installation: Blue Stripe Up

T-Tape Drip Tape

One of the most recognized and trusted drip tape brands in the world, T-Tape Drip Tape is used in a variety of crops around the world to help reduce water consumption, increase crop quality, and increase crop yields. T-Tape Drip Tape can be installed on the ground, under plastic, or even subsurface. T-Tape’s industry-leading material strength, design, and quality production standards ensure that it’s the drip tape that you can count on year after year.

A great thing is when you use T-Tape, closer emitter spacing intervals do not need to come at an extra cost. Because Rivulis T-Tape has emitters manufactured into the tape itself, as opposed to inserted molded emitters, there is no cost difference per meter between 10 emitters per meter (10 cm spacing) and two emitters per meter (50 cm spacing).

Ro-Drip Drip Tape

Only Ro-Drip has an expanding flow-path that enlarges when you increase water pressure. This unique feature helps expel foreign particles that would have permanently blocked other drip tapes. If you clog your Ro-Drip labyrinth, you can increase your system pressure which results in the expansion of the labyrinth flow channel, helping expel debris and normal operation to resume.


• Unique expanding vortex flow path labyrinth helps expel debris
• Available in a wide variety of emitter spacings
• Manufactured to the highest level of quality

Rivulis Drip Tape

Drip Tape is an economical solution for annual row crops, field crops, and greenhouses. Engineered with an efficient turbulent flow path, Drip Tape’s channel design minimizes clogging. Because Drip Tape is a flat integral drip tape, it is a good choice for manual or mechanized layout and retrieval. Drip Tape is available in a wide range of diameters and wall thicknesses.