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Hemp Irrigation


The Challenge - Meeting Hemp Water Requirements:

Hemp is hard to grow, it has high nutrient and water demands and is a labor-intensive crop. It prefers moist but not saturated soils with high levels of aeration and no other method of irrigation can deliver minimal amounts of water with the needed nutrients without driving out beneficial soil aeration.
Drip irrigation reduces unwanted weed growth as you will no longer be wetting the soil surface and germinating weed seeds or feeding weeds with valuable fertilizers. In addition, the density of the foliage when kept damp & wet by overhead irrigation (center-pivot) can lead to foliage diseases and reduced crop performance. Keeping the soil around the plant and the foliage dry leads to a healthier natural environment to give your crop the boost that it needs to drive your bottom line.

What You Need To Know To Grow?

Before jumping into which irrigation system you should choose to meet hemp water requirements, you should make sure you have thoroughly considered a myriad of factors: Business Plan, Land, Seed, Irrigation, Processors, Customers, and Financing.

Whether you are growing hemp for fiber, seed or CBD oil, Hemp is hard to grow. It has a high nutrient and water demands and is a labor-intensive crop. It’s important you research your best irrigation and fertigation methods. Take the time to consult with agronomists, local agencies and other farmers to learn about crop maintenance, harvesting, and mechanized irrigation.

Rivulis D5000 PC Drip Line

The Next Evolution in Drip Technology

The Rivulis D5000 PC Drip Line represents the most significant advancement of Pressure Compensating (PC) drip technology in the past decade.

With one of the widest flow regulating ranges available, Rivulis D5000 PC provides outstanding uniformity even on hilly terrain or long run lengths. This helps ensure that your crop at the end of rows receives the same amount of water as those at the start for more consistent yields.Engineered with a large labyrinth, large outlet pool and multi-zone inlet filters, every component of the Rivulis D5000 PC is maximized for outstanding performance and resistance to clogging.

Multi-zone Inlet Filters:

Every Rivulis D5000 PC emitter has 40 independent inlet filters across 3 zones. These filters provide the first layer of protection against foreign particles. Rivulis D5000 PC features a unique multi-zone inlet area with 40 inlet filters to provide maximum protection to clogging and almost 300% functional filtration area compared to main competitive product in the market.

Extra Wide Flow Labyrinth:

Advanced engineering of the Rivulis D5000 PC labyrinth provides the ultimate balance of incrementally reducing flow while also forming high turbulence in the emitter to help ensure solids stay in suspension. Rivulis D5000 PC features one of the largest flow paths available to help prevent clogging.

Full Size Outlet Pool:

Dirt ingestion is a risk for all drip irrigation systems. The unique long outlet pool of the Rivulis D5000 PC in conjunction with the raised wall design provides the maximum distance between the emitter outlet and the tube hole to help prevent dirt suck-back. The full size pool also allows slit outlet in 15 mil configurations.

Flow Regulating Drip Tape

Flow Regulating Drip Tape

-High uniformity on longer runs and hilly terrain
-Retain flexibility to increase or decrease application rate for greater control over watering and
scheduling decisions
-Available in a wider range of thicknesses to meet the needs of all farming applications, including
more affordable 5/8 inch 6mil and 7/8 inch 8mil
-One price for any emitter spacing from 6 – 24 inches, giving you the wetting pattern you want
without paying a premium